An Introduction Ecosystem Restoration for Community Groups – 10th and 11th August 2024

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Course Description

In this course we will explore how you can and your community can play your part to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss by creating systems that sequester carbon, builds biodiversity and restores the ecosystem that you are part of.

We will have an examination of how we manage land.
We will look through the lens of ecosystem and soil restoration, addressing topics such as ecosystem dynamics, water and soil functionality, biodiversity, and community engagement.
Participants will be introduced to both the theory and practical skills to begin to implement regenerative practices and work towards effective restoration projects.

Our objectives are to facilitate a deep connection of participants to the power of ecosystem restoration as a proactive antidote to the human feelings of despair, hopelessness, disempowerment, individualization, etc around the interconnected issues of climate breakdown, food insecurity, biodiversity collapse etc.

This includes building an awareness of how our current land management practices impact climate food and biodiversity. We will also learn how ecosystem dynamics can be harnessed to empower and create resilience among participants and in the wider community.

We aim to empower participants with a strong basis of understanding that implementing regenerative practices in our lives, communities and food systems (via ecological stewardship and community engagement) improves physical and mental health, mitigates against negative climate change effects, builds resilience and improves food nutrient density and biodiversity.

In this course we will learn about

  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Soil building and natural cycles
  • Introduction to Permaculture design
  • Building biodiversity
  • Humans as part of ecosystems
  • Creating resilient and regenerative edible landscapes
  • Feel empowered to begin the work of restoration in their own lives
  • Develop some practical skills and tools for restorative land management

Who is this course for?

This course is for people interested in restoring local and global ecosystems as  a way of meeting many of the issues we are facing such as climate change, biodiversity loss and food security 

Cost €350 ( however this course is part of an Erasmus+ project so participation is subsidised)

The facilitators

Gareth Conlon -Gareth has worked with adult learnings and community development for over 15 years; This led him to discover and learn about Permaculture and ecosystem restoration as the main opportunity to mitigate climate change and restore communities.

Conan Connolly– Conan has a degree in Civil Engineering, where he focused on natural/environmental processes, he became aware of the widespread mismanagement and exploitation of the natural environment. He has since worked tirelessly to raise the awareness of others about environmental issues while also upskilling himself to undertake ecosystem restoration. 

Grainne O Neill– Gráinne currently is working on project with Síolta Chroí exploring the interconnection between Soil, Soul and Society . Grainne has working in nonformal adult education for over 15 years. She is skilled at creating space were deep and transformational learning can take place.

Sliding Scale

€80, €60, €50