Cultivating Oyster mushroom and other cool things with Fungi – Saturday 30th March 2024

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Cultivating Ostyer mushroom and other cool things with Fungi

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Course Description

Join us for our Second Fungi Workshop! 

Learning how to cultivate mushrooms is a fantastic way to learn about the mushroom life-cycle and how mycelium grows and operates in the environment.

Why Fungi? Why Mushrooms? 

The fungi kingdom is vast and diverse; it includes moulds, rusts, yeasts, mushrooms, and more! We’re surrounded by invisible fungi all the time; spores are in the air, in the clouds, and fungal mycelial networks are hidden in trees and in the soil. Fungi are ubiquitous. 

Fungi are used for  food production and medicine, making materials, and remediating land and water from contaminants. They also play an important role in ecosystems; connecting, decomposing, and ultimately recycling life. There is no doubt that fungi are important and useful.

Given how important Fungi are overall, we ought to have an appreciation and understanding of how fungi operate in and support our ecosystems and human societies/communities. 

Discovering more about fungi, and knowing how to protect and partner with fungi (for food, medicine, or soil remediation etc) can help advance ecosystem restoration work, and help us find more ecologically conscious ways of being.

Learning how to cultivate mushrooms is a fantastic way to learn about the mushroom life-cycle and how mycelium grows and operates in the environment.

This workshop has two main threads: 

Low-tech Mushroom Cultivation 

The practical part of this workshop explores an easy approach to growing mushrooms using cheap accessible resources and minimising waste.

Growing mushrooms begins with growing mycelium, the root structure of the mushroom. Such insight is useful for understanding the role of fungi in ecosystems. 

In addition to harvesting delicious mushrooms a grower gains an understanding what mycelium is, how it behaves, and what it needs to thrive. 

Discovering Radical Mycology 

The Radical Mycology Movement was started by Peter Mc Coy and Maya Elson in 2006, and was originally a collaborative network of mushroom and fungi enthusiasts.

Now there is also the Radical Mycology Convergence in Oregon, and a book called Radical Mycology. 

The movement is all about appreciating fungi, growing mushrooms, and making applied mycology more accessible in everyday life. 

Date and Time 

Saturday 30th March 2024

10am – 4pm 

Who is this course for? 

Anyone who is up for talking about fungi all day and doing some light practical work

How much?

Please choose from the sliding scale options ( 80 euro) based on what you feel you can afford to pay. 

What does this workshop offer? 

  • Knowledge of low tech approaches to mushroom cultivation
  • Experience of skillfully filling a container with pasteurised straw and oyster grain spawn. Each student will take their bucket home with them, along with advice on how to spot contamination, and how to find/create the conditions for incubation and fruiting
  • Experience making cardboard spawn, which will also be taken home
  • Understanding of the mushroom life cycle 
  • Knowledge of the Radical Mycology movement and the potential benefits of seeing and partnering with fungi for ecosystem/community restoration. 
  • Opportunity to read through a variety of brilliant mushroom and fungi books  


What about your other needs? 

  • Hot drinks are available throughout the day, and a delicious mushroom based lunch is included in the fee. 
  • Wheelchair accessible toilets and workshop space 
  • You can stay in a nearby hostel the night before or the night after (50 euro extra). The hostel has good kitchen facilities. 

Please get in touch at to let us know of any dietary or accommodation requirements, or for information on anything else!

Who is facilitating the workshop? 

Joanne is a community food activist with particular interest in fungi/mushrooms. She has a MSc Food Security and Permaculture Design Certificate, and currently works as a facilitator. In addition to cultivating mushrooms Joanne is interested in the Radical Mycology movement and how people can partner with fungi for purposes such as clearing up pollution.  She is currently based in Donegal, and looking to connect with people across the island, to share (and learn) fungi/mushroom knowledge and skills. You can follow some of her work on instagram @mycocraic 

Sliding Scale

€80, €60, €50